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VP, Solutions Engineering & Project Management

Charles joined Eclipse Advantage in 2017 and brings 30 years of operations and engineering experience to customize data-driven engineered solutions for Eclipse’s client base. Charles also coordinates start-up/initialization efforts using his experience and PMP (Project Management Professional) skills.

Prior to joining Eclipse Advantage, Charles was a Senior Director of Solutions Engineering at Kane is Able. In that position, he mentored and built a strong team of Solutions Engineers.

Additionally, Charles spent more than a decade engineering and operating complete supply chains for Fortune 500 companies in 8 countries throughout Latin America. In this role, he was tasked with evaluating entry into countries, finding and evaluating Joint Venture partners, and building strong management teams, which was vital for the successful and profitable growth of these companies.

Charles holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, and a B.S. in Public Accounting, both of which have been instrumental in his career path.