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Eclipse Finds New Ways to Reduce Backups on the Dock

May 10, 2021

The dock door space at your distribution center is at a premium. It’s high-value real estate, and you need to be able to turn those doors as quickly and efficiently as possible. The more trucks you can process in a shorter time, the better your production and efficiency.

The last thing you need is a truck that’s stuck at a dock door and a driver who’s walking through your facility. But it’s a reality when you’ve got Comchek that needs to get processed.

Check validation can take as long as half an hour, and it usually involves the driver entering the distribution center and dealing directly with the clerk. During that time, the driver can’t leave the dock.

The less exposure a driver has inside your distribution center, the better. More people in your facility means more chances for shrinkage and damages. People who don’t belong in your offices are also a security risk.

Eclipse Advantage is continually looking for better ways to serve our clients. This issue was on our radar because we knew that distribution centers wanted to improve efficiencies and limit drivers’ access to their facilities. Hence, we began looking for ways to reduce contact with drivers and increase the turn rate at dock doors. 

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, the need for contactless Commcheck processing reached all-new levels of priority.

That’s when we found Relay Payments’ innovative electronic payment solution.

Instant Electronic Payments

Relay Payments has developed a digital solution to modernize an industry that has been reliant on cash and checks to conduct day-to-day business. By upgrading to an instant, electronic payment solution, Relay Payments makes it possible to have a secure and contactless system that maximizes efficiency at your distribution center.

Here’s how payments work with Relay Payments. The driver arrives at the dock and distribution personnel begins unloading. Payments are instantly processed by Relay Payments, similar in nature to Venmo or PayPal. The clerk gets confirmation within seconds and a digital copy of the receipt is sent back to the carrier or the shipper, and the driver is good to go. There’s no need for drivers to enter distribution centers and no phone calls to confirm check codes, incorrect amounts, or insufficient funds.

The entire transaction can be completed before the truck is unloaded, and this is a game-changer as it has never been possible prior to this. Thanks to our partnership with Relay Payments, our clients are seeing a faster turn at the dock doors. The difference is so dramatic that our clerks are saving three to five hours per day in our medium to large operations. 

And because check processing is 100 percent contactless, there’s no need to worry about the security, health, or inventory repercussions of having a driver walking around where they don’t belong.

Innovative Solutions That Benefit Your Bottom Line

Eclipse Advantage is one of the earliest adopters of this innovative electronic payment solution. Our clients count on us to continually find new ways of increasing efficiencies while reducing losses. We work with select technology partners to help us provide the best solutions in the industry. If we can’t do it best ourselves, we hire the right partners to get the job done. This approach has earned us a reputation in the logistics industry for unparalleled client care. 

Eclipse is in the business of delivering accountability. The companies we serve see greater productivity and get real visibility into labor expenses. They enjoy increased throughput and better performance without higher costs. This partnership with Relay Payments is the latest in a long list of solutions we’ve adopted to boost your bottom line.

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