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At Eclipse Advantage, our solutions improve supply chain productivity without driving unnecessary costs. We align our engagement models with the unique needs of each client’s business. We provide a better, safer experience for our workers. Our flexible and efficient labor solutions scale at speed to meet flex demand. We deliver accountability and staffing expense visibility, eliminating disruptions and ensuring better performance without increasing costs. By focusing on productivity, we align with our clients’ business goals in order to drive ROI while increasing efficiency.

Warehouse & Distribution

With the support of onsite management and a skilled team, we guarantee maximum efficiency and responsibility in warehouse and distribution operations.

Retail & eCommerce

Our reliable workforce solutions are more critical than ever to meet the demands of retail and e-commerce businesses, where quick turnaround is key.

Grocer & Food Service

Our extensive knowledge lies in providing grocery and food distribution solutions that prioritize temperature control, traceability, and adherence to strict regulatory standards.

Food Manufacturing

Our food manufacturing and processing solutions offer efficiency and flexibility, enhancing picking and packing throughput throughout your production line.


Jobs We Perform


Whatever your needs, we work with you to build the right solution for your operation:




  • Unload
  • Receiving
  • Freight Hauling
  • Put-away
  • Replenishment
  • Load Temperature Recording
  • Trailer Check-in/Driver Assist


  • Selecting (Pick/Pack) Sorting
  • Labeling
  • Repacking/Assembly/ Kitting
  • Re-packaging
  • Pool Distribution/Cross Dock
  • Loading
Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services

  • Auditing
  • Yard Management (Yard Jockeys & Salvage)
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Pallet & Tote Management
  • Sanitation
  • Driver Assist
  • Security

*We certify our forklift operators


a streamlined solution for every operation


We align our engagement models with the unique needs of each client’s business.


Managed Cost Per Unit Loading

A dedicated, managed team, fixed labor costs, and the ability to flex with demand lead to higher efficiency and labor savings. Real-time monitoring and detailed reporting give confidence and provide key metrics for your business while lowering operational costs. Motivate your staff on productivity, not hours!

 Guaranteed 10-25% savings in year one

  30% increase in productivity

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Flat Rate Lumper Unloading

With flat-rate, fully insured and committed container unloading services, you can stop worrying about production time and invest more resources into your core business model. 



 Live Loads

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Onsite Hourly Temp Workforce

Our onsite manager partners with your staff to supply the talent your workforce needs. Beyond recruiting, your assigned manager oversees essentials like onboarding, safety requirements, and morale boosting.

 15%-20% Lower overtime spend

 20% Lift in retention

 Time to fill up 50% faster

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Managed Supplier Program

With an end-to-end Managed Supplier Program, we help you source and manage temporary workers from your preferred staffing agencies, allowing you to better manage risk. 

 Managed supplier program

 Supply chain workforce consulting

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