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There’s A Better Way To Work — And You’ve Found It

At Eclipse, we know you’re not just a laborer – you’re helping to efficiently move products as a critical part of a company’s supply chain, therefore driving our economy forward. That’s why we’ve focused so much of our time and culture on creating better supply chain employment opportunities.

We proudly offer:
Flexible Schedules
Flexible Schedules
Full-Time Employment
Full-Time Employment
On-the-Job Training
On-the-Job Training
Highly Competitive Pay Delivered Weekly
Highly Competitive
Pay Delivered Weekly
Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
Health, Dental
and Vision Insurance
Vacation/Paid Time Off
Vacation/Paid Time Off
401(k) Options
401(k) Options
Referral Bonus Program
Referral Bonus Program

At Eclipse, hard work and loyalty are appreciated. Our industry-leading, incentivized pay programs attract and keep motivated workers. We cultivate a genuine team atmosphere and offer the opportunity to access a comprehensive benefits package. And with our referral bonus program, if you help us find other great people to join our team, you can get a bonus.

Additionally, our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) offers support, including counseling and referrals, for the mental and emotional well-being of our people.




US Warehouse Jobs

Explore competitive job opportunities in warehouses across the United States.


Canadian Warehouse Jobs

Explore our flexible job opportunities for supply chains across Canada.

Corporate Jobs

Explore our exciting corporate job opportunities across the US and Canada.

Transform Your Skills

Our work environment enables success through exceptional training, and rewards hard work and solid results with incentives and the opportunity for benefits and bonuses. And we know that while training is important, culture is what takes you from liking what you do to loving what you do. Our relentless focus on culture works — employees stay for the long-term. This is how we deliver great experiences and exceptional outcomes, both for our employees and for our clients.

Diversity and Inclusion

We never lose sight of the fact that our greatest asset is our high-caliber workforce, regardless of race, sex, creed, religion, color, national origin, or sexual orientation. We value each and every employee and are dedicated to being an inclusive company with a forward-thinking workforce. Eclipse is an equal opportunity employer.

Transform Your Skills


S.E.E. - Serve2, Engage & Execute

Our culture is to S.E.E. each and every one of us. It is our heart and soul, and it’s why our employees stay with us for the long haul. Any Eclipse employee can tell you our core values, which are at the center of everything: Serve2, Engage, and Execute.

2023-CoreValues-Updated IA2

INVEST the time

You grow, we grow!

2023-CoreValues-Updated IA

Be part of

We keep our clients and our best employees!

2023-CoreValues-Updated IA3

Get it done

We work better,
faster, safer!

"I like working with Eclipse for the opportunity" 

...the human quality that I experience when interacting with Eclipse personnel, the implemented methods that are taught through educational courses, as well as the focus on safety and the common good of employees. The most satisfying moments for me are when someone asks me for help and I can help solve the employee’s situation so they feel supported at all times and when I can teach the team that anything is possible with hard and persistent work. At Eclipse, teamwork is vital.

Yaritza Ruiz
Yaritza Ruiz
Team Lead, Eclipse IA, a division of Eclipse Advantage

"Safety and family is really the motto"

The hours are flexible and the management team accommodates working with you. There are many positions available plus room for improvement and growth. Safety and family is really the motto here – everyone treats everyone else like family; with respect both ways. I’m very pleased with everything and feel like part of the team.

Joshua Warick (1)
Joshua Warwick
On Time Staffing, a division of Eclipse Advantage

"I love that we can work together"

I have worked with Eclipse IA since 2021 and they have provided me an excellent opportunity to show my skills and potential. I have also been allowed to grow professionally. The team-based environment allows individuals to show their capability and overall excel as a group, and it provides a solid sense of comradery. I love that we can work together towards a common goal.

Damian Ballard
Team Lead, Eclipse IA, a division of Eclipse Advantage

"I appreciate having the opportunity to advance"

I have been with Eclipse IA for over 4 years and I like the team environment within the company, from the site level all the way up. I think the team-based approach works well as everyone has to work together to make sure the job gets done at the end of the day. If I ever have any issues with anything, I know there is always someone who is able and willing to help.

Ryan Adams
Site Manager, Eclipse IA, a division of Eclipse Advantage

"They have helped me in every aspect of getting employment"

From the first time I walked into the office to fill out an application, the OTS staff were easy to talk to and showed that they cared about me as a person. They have helped me in every aspect of getting employment and maintaining it. They check in on you and let you know when you’re doing well, and are very understanding when you have issues come up. I've been permanent for almost a year and still stay in almost constant contact with a team member at OTS.

James Black
On Time Staffing, a division of Eclipse Advantage

"With Eclipse for four years and I’ve loved every year."

I like the fact that I can travel to other sites, that I have independence in helping to run the sites, and that I can get an extra hand if needed. Eclipse’s team-based approach is great.

Nick Cargill
Site Supervisor, Eclipse IA, a division of Eclipse Advantage

"Everyone is included at Eclipse"

One thing I really like about this company is the transparency, from upper management and CEO-level, to VPs, regional and site managers. Everyone is part of the plan. It’s proven through the opportunities that everyone has, and that I’ve seen firsthand. A lot of companies say the employees are the backbone of the company. Eclipse actually believes that. And they stand behind this 100 percent.

Rene Valadez
Regional Operations Manager, Eclipse IA, a division of Eclipse Advantage

"I like the people I work with"

I like the people I work with, the job, the company, the opportunities OTS provides – overall it’s a good job that makes me happy. The payments are always on time and the team is here is super nice.

Pap Sow
On Time Staffing, a division of Eclipse Advantage

Our Purpose Statement:

Linking The Potential In People To Our Customers

We are a People Supply Chain driven company linking our workforce to our customers' sites...our goal each and every time is creating and delivering the best outcomes for each and every one.