Engage, Serve2 & Execute

Our culture is our heart and soul, and it’s why our employees stay with us for the long haul. Any Eclipse employee can tell you our core values, which are at the center of everything: Engage, Serve2, and Execute.

We Engage

So we can work BETTER, FASTER, and SAFER:

  • We invest the time to find solutions and run towards problems, not away from them

  • In the face of challenges, we are proactive

  • We foster an environment that produces great experiences and exceptional outcomes
We Serve

So we keep our CLIENTS and our BEST EMPLOYEES:

  • With every conversation and relationship, we add value

  • When people feel valued and respected, our culture works for us

  • We show that we care by giving help, asking for help, and finding ways to make each other better
We Execute


  • We are committed to helping each other and inspiring excellence

  • We are not afraid to sweat the details, or get our hands dirty

  • We embrace change, even if it requires a bit of trial and error

What It Means To Be Part Of Our Culture

20 Square Feet™ is the metaphor at the essence of it all. It expresses that a great culture can’t be handed down from above; each of us is responsible for protecting and growing it, which we do by owning the space around us — our “20 square feet”. How we behave is what determines our success.

By working together, with each of us focusing on creating the best possible experiences, the entire company is better and stronger. This lets us deliver great experiences and exceptional outcomes, both for our employees and for our clients.

Work Shouldn’t Be Just “Work”.
You Can Be A Part Of Something Truly Special.

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