Your people solutions should support your business needs.

We offer flexible engagement models to align with your needs, meaning we don’t sell individual pay or hourly help — we’re in the business of delivering accountability. The companies we partner with see greater productivity and get real visibility into labor expenses, for increased throughput and better performance without higher costs.

No matter the state of the economy, recruiting and keeping a quality supply chain workforce is more critical than ever. Eclipse Advantage approaches workforce solutions in a unique way. We recruit and retain the right talent, actively manage teams for efficiency and safety, and provide data-driven insight into the results.

We empower our workers, who we call Industrial Athletes, to utilize their talents and achieve their full potential, because an engaged workforce is better for everyone. We do this through tireless dedication, an effective culture, and a mix of highly competitive employee incentives. We offer a people-based solution, so our Industrial Athletes are an essential part of our business, and we treat them that way.

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As important as price and service is the fact that I can count on Eclipse to keep my best interests in mind.

~ Supply Chain Manager, U.S. Food Retailer

The best word to describe the Eclipse team is nimble.

If you’re starting a large operation in an area they don’t currently cover, they can set-up an operation quickly and efficiently. They’ve done it for us.

~ VP of Distribution, National Pharmacy Chain

As a large retailer, customer demands are getting more and more aggressive.

Eclipse has been a great partner in helping us through the high-level demands of our peak season.

~ Director of Supply Chain, National Large Retailer

What piqued our interest in Eclipse is that they knew our business, so we felt comfortable that they could support all of our needs.

They understand the nuances and are flexible in tweaking their model to fit our service.

~ VP Supply Chain, National Warehousing Company

We trust Eclipse and have a long-term partnership.

They’re good at what they do, and they understand our industry and how it relates to our business.

~ General Manager, National Grocer

I appreciate their obvious focus in supporting the way I serve my customers.

~ DC Manager, Retail Food, Canada